Membership options tailored to your needs

All memberships are paid monthly and  in advance, allowing access to the gym anytime between the opening hours.
Choose whichever suites you best and we’ll get you booked in for an induction appointment.

Premium membership options

This is great for anyone looking at keeping that sense of accountability along with regular coaching on anything they want to try and tidy up on or look to take their training to the next level and keep things fresh when their current programme starts to feel stale. You will also receive additional support outside the gym where needed along with nutritional support just as you would with full time personal training. Spaces are limited and an initial consultation will be needed prior to the first 1-1 session to discuss your goals and take measurements.

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To apply for membership, simply click on one of the options above. For other memberships, fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.